Energy Protection

What is Energy Protection?

Protecting your energy is incredibly important for your well being. Have you ever wondered where energetic blockages come from? As explained in my previous post, Clearing, it comes from external sources as well as from within. Some people have an innate natural ability to protect themselves, however; many individuals are completely open to the energy around them – good or bad. Sensitive people and those with extra-sensory abilities may be especially vulnerable if they are unaware.

The good news is we can lessen the amount of blockages if we learn to protect ourselves from external sources. And it is really simple.

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Why Is It Necessary To Protect Your Energy?

As we move through spaces and connect with others (physically or spiritually), we  encounter the energy emanating from these spaces, people and entities. It is really important to protect yourself from external energy, especially negative and malicious energy. The idea is only to allow those energies which we want to draw from, for example the Earth’s energy, or your Spirit Guides whom you know you can trust. 

Your energetic protection is kind of like anti-virus software for your energy body. It blocks your energy field from those unwanted, negative energies and allows only that which your Higher Self deems acceptable.

Is your energy protected? Here's a Checklist:

If you said yes to any of these, try the two energy protection techniques below for a week or two and see if it makes a difference. In addition to this I suggest the practice of grounding and energy clearing, as you have to rid yourself of the energy which is already in your energetic body.

If you have been practicing grounding, clearing and protection on a daily basis for two weeks, and the symptoms persist, something or someone malicious may have attached itself to you, leeching off of you like a vampire. In this case, I would recommend a professional like a reiki practitioner to help you.

A Few Basic Energy Protection Techniques

I recommend the practice of grounding as often as possible, but at least twice a day. In the morning before you start your day, and at night before you sleep.


The best protection is not to give energy to negative aspects of your life and surroundings. Open your heart, and start seeing the beauty and opportunities all around you. It does not matter what your situation is, you have the power to change your thoughts. Find the good in all, even in the difficult times, live from the heart and project this out into the world like the best shield ever made! This is not only the best protection, but a recipe for joy and success.

Ask for Help

Help is just a thought away, so get yourself into a relaxed state, close your eyes, and call on your Spirit Guides to help you. Other Higher beings from the Fifth dimension can also be called upon for help. Here are a few big players in the practice of protection:
Another being who you can call on for help, is Archangel Michael, as he can help with both clearing negative energy and protection.

You can also invoke other beings for protection, and there are many, but here are two goddess deities that I have felt a connection with. Firstly; you can invoke Green Tara, as she protects against fear, anxiety and spiritual harm. She is a Tibetan Buddhist mother goddess who is dear to many. Here is her mantra, sung by Drukmo Gyal; feel free to burn some incense and chant with. And last but not least; you can evoke the Mother from the Goddess Three for her protection. Here is a protection chant by Lisa Thiel which can help you connect with her.

Visualisation and Meditation

Visualisations are especially helpful if you are stuck inside, regardless of what floor you are on. Visualisations can be used as part of a meditation or individually when you don’t have time to meditate. I recommend that you aim for meditation when you are a beginner. The more honed your meditation skills become, the easier it will be for you to use visualisations on their own.

There are various visualisations you can apply. Do what feels natural to you.

The colours associated with protection are silver and black. When we use them in our visualisations, it strengthens the protective energy. You can also wear these colours, especially when engaging in a protection ritual.

Here are some examples:

Imagine a Silver Bubble. Significance of silver. Step into the bubble.

Imagine wearing a suit of armour.

Imagine being in an armoured tank.

If you find it difficult to visualise, try a guided meditation on your favourite meditation app. Personally I enjoy Insight Timer because there is such great content on there.

Crystals, Runes and Symbols

Many crystals are incredibly powerful sources of energetic protection. They can be worn as jewellery or in your pocket. They can also be placed on window sills in your home. If you have an external office, place them on your desk. Placing these crystals next to your computer and monitor will also protect you from EMF and other harmful energy.
The following stones are excellent for energy protection: amethyst, moldavite, onyx and black obsidian. Remember to clear and charge your crystals.

Any symbol that represents protection for you can be worn or visualised, however; there are a huge variety of runes and symbols used for protection across many cultures and religions. Here are just a few you could use:

Nyame Dua: this is an ancient African symbol meaning “Tree of god”, and represents God’s presence and protection.

Pentacle: this is an ancient Pagan symbol which is often used as a protection sigil, and it symbolises the five elements (including spirit), and has a very strong grounding energy. The circle unifies and strengthens the pentagram inside.

Hamsa: this is an ancient Mesopotamian symbol representing the hand of God, and was worn as a protective amulet to ward off evil.

Bindrune: This is an ancient Nordic rune used for the protection of home and property.

Energy Protection Ritual

All of the methods above can be combined in an energy protection ritual. With any method you choose to make use of, setting the intention is a key part of the process.

Protecting yourself can be as simple as going into a relaxed state, and setting the intent with your thoughts or by saying it out loud. You can also create a protection altar with incense, candles, symbols, crystals, etc. that represent protection. Invite your guides, angels or other beings to join you. Then light the incense and candles, while setting the intent, or using a chant or mantra to aid you.

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