Energy Clearing

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Energy Clearing

Energy clearing is the act of removing negative or unwanted energy from the body, a physical space or an object.

As one becomes more open, and spiritual gifts start to manifest more clearly, one can become more vulnerable to energy build-up. This is especially true for those who work with sick people, or any other profession where dealing with people is all in a day’s work.

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Michelle Siepker

Intuitive worker and artist
I have been working as an intuitive worker for many years and have helped people to connect to their higher selves, spirit guides and ancestors.

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Why Is Energy Clearing necessary?

As we traverse through life, we come into contact with many different energies. This energy belongs to other people, other entities, or is self made. In addition to this; we pass through spaces where the energy never gets cleared, often our own homes!

Stale and negative energy can wreak havoc on the body, mind and spirit.

How Do You Know If You Need To Be Cleared?

A Few Basic Energy Clearing Techniques

I recommend the practice of energy clearing as often as possible, but at least twice a day. In the morning before you start your day, and at night before you sleep. In conjunction with grounding and protection, you will be all set for day time or dream time.
Visualisation and meditation

Visualisations are especially helpful if you are stuck inside, regardless of what floor you are on. Visualisations can be used as part of a meditation or individually when you don't have time to meditate. I recommend that you aim for meditation when you are a beginner. The more honed your meditation skills become, the easier it will be for you to use visualisations on their own. The important thing is to set the intent in your mind as you visualise. There are various visualisations you can apply. Choose what feels most natural to you. Whichever method you choose, imagine the unwanted energy and blockages being pushed down towards the earth, where the energy can be neutralised.

Here are some ideas:

If you find it difficult to visualise, try a guided meditation on your favourite meditation app. My favourite guided meditation for clearing at the moment is “A Space for Clearing” by Oliver Jenkin on Insight Timer.


For many of us, the idea of cleaning and decluttering our physical spaces can be the last thing we feel like doing. However; the physical activity around cleaning a space, and clearing a space of clutter; actually does the same in one's energy field.


Open the windows and let there be some airflow! Stale air out, fresh air in. The same goes for breathing - take a deep breath in and say to yourself: "Good energy in." Then breathe out, and say: "Bad energy out." Another very effective and widely used method is to use the smoke from incense and smudge sticks to clear the air in a space. It is also useful when doing an energy clearing meditation. Set the intent of clearing unwanted energy when you light the incense, or when doing space clearing with a smudge stick. One can walk around the space spreading or "smudging" the air with a feather, continuously repeating the intent of "clear" or "cleanse". The best natural ingredients to burn for energy clearing: White sage Lemongrass Cedar (perfect for decluttering) Resins (frankincense and myrrh) Holy wood (Palo Santo)


Drink a lot of water. Not only does this cleanse toxins out of your physical body, but one can also set an intent on the water before you drink it. If you are feeling overwhelmed; close your eyes, set the intent of clearing unwanted energy and wash your hands. Similarly, take a shower, imagining all negative or unwanted energy being washed down the drain. A bath can be an amazing cleansing experience. Add sandalwood, cedar or lavender essential oils to the bath water. Add ½ cup of epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) to the water as well. This will physically draw toxins out of your body. Burn incense and candles. Focus clearing intent on the water, and put on some soothing sounds. Last, but not least in the water arsenal; swim in natural bodies of water. As these are connected to the earth, one can both ground and clear in this way.

Colours and crystals

The colour mostly associated with clearing energy is black. Black items draw negative energy. For that reason, black crystals are especially useful for drawing negative energy out of a space or person. In the same vein, wearing black clothing can also be helpful.

A few of the crystals useful for clearing negative energy are:
Good Vibrations

Certain sound vibrations are incredibly effective in clearing energy in a person or a space. Together with setting the intention of clearing it seems to "chase away" negative vibrations, and in the same vein it raises your own energetic vibrations.

Here are a few examples of Eneregy Clearing with Sound:

Clearing and Charging Your Crystals

Just like our energy bodies, crystals also need to be cleared of unwanted energy.  This is especially true when their function is clearing and protection. However; they do not require it as often as we do, as even the smallest crystal can usually go a long way.

Basic Energy Clearing for Crystals

This is my preferred method of clearing crystals of unwanted energy. This is because some of the other methods can harm certain crystals, and there are a huge number of crystals in the world. Most of us get to know our favourite crystals very well, but do not study all of them. If you have issues remembering which should be cleared and how, smoke is a safe bet. It works very similar to space clearing, except that you hold the crystal over the smoke when setting the intention of clearing. If the crystal is too large to comfortably clear it that way, then clear it during space clearing.

Universal Energy

If you have an affinity for energy, and you don’t want to fuss with incense, you can also safely clear your crystals energetically through visualisation or by feeling it. The important thing is to focus and setting the intention of clearing. Do or imagine (visually) whatever feels most natural to you. If you have an affinity for energy you will be able to sense when it is clear.


This is a powerful way to clear crystals, but can damage certain crystals. Ensure you know if the crystal you want to clear can get wet. This is easy to research online. Place the crystal under clean running water, while setting the intention of clearing it. Do not use detergents.

Basic Charging for Crystals
Full Moon

This is my favourite method for charging my crystals. Expose your crystals to the full moon by placing them outside for at least 15 minutes, or for best results, leave them outside overnight. There are a number of apps you can download to remind you when the full moon is if you find it hard to keep track of it.


Place your crystals in direct sunlight for 15 to 20 minutes.

Universal Energy

Do not do this if you do not know how to pull energy from the universe, because you run the risk of draining your own energy if you can not tell the difference between your energy and universal energy. You can use this method in the same way that you cleared them energetically; through visualisation or physical sensation.


The Chakras are like organs in our energy bodies, and are connected to organs and systems in our physical bodies. When you clear your energy field of unwanted energy, the chakras are included in this as well.

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