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Grounding means to be connected to earth. It helps us live life fully as Earthlings.

Over twenty formal studies have been done on grounding or earthing, and all with amazing results. The science is so simple and straight forward that anyone can understand it. Physically; we are biological machines with electrical currents. Therefore, being physically connected to the earth makes us feel alive and improves our health physically and mentally. As energetic souls; being connected to Mother Earth heals us spiritually. When our energetic bodies are connected, we replenish our energy stock and allow our spiritual gifts to thrive.

The area in our body that is associated with grounding is the Base Chakra or Root Chakra, and it is positioned at the bottom of the spine. Every part of one’s body from this location to the bottom of your feet is associated with the base chakra. It is the base of physical energy, as well as spiritual energy for the body.

"Grounded end Guided", 50.5 x 32 cm, Mixed Media on Watercolour Paper. Available on Etsy.

Michelle Siepker

Psychic healer and artist
I have been working as a psychic medium for many years, helping people to heal emotional, psychic and physical hurts. I have also guided people to connect to their higher selves, spirit guides and ancestors.

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Why Does it Help being Grounded on a Spiritual Level?

As you start your spiritual journey, you open yourself up and often learn to travel. Some of us are especially good receptors when we dream, and the interesting thing is, that the more grounded you are, the more profound and meaningful these experiences are.

We are on earth, we are in this realm, therefore we actually have to be here, on earth, fully in our bodies. That is the purpose of grounding.

People often talk about being mindful, but the opposite of this are people that are living absently. So many people are unaware and live in an “automatic” state. There are various reasons for this, but it usually comes down to the need for grounding.

We are incarnated here on earth to learn. One’s body serves as a home for one’s spirit here on the physical plane, so that we may experience life as earthlings to the fullest. Plenty of research has been conducted about reincarnation. When one reincarnates, one learns the lessons one did not achieve for the previous life again. So one keeps receiving the same lesson until you achieve it. Being present and grounded helps you become more aware of these lessons, and it is then possible to learn more effectively.

Are you grounded? Here's a Checklist:

If you said yes to these, try any or all of the grounding techniques below and see how you feel afterwards.

A Few Basic Grounding Techniques

I recommend the practice of grounding as often as possible, but at least twice a day. In the morning before you start your day, and at night before you sleep. Do this in conjunction with clearing and protection for the best results in your health and well-being.

The quickest way to ground yourself is to be in the moment. Some therapists use these techniques: notice five things around you; Listen – what do you hear; and feel the surface you are sitting on, touch the surfaces around you. Give these a try whenever you feel ungrounded.

Don’t forget mindfulness practices like dancing, yoga, working in the garden, colouring in, and simply being, without distractions.

This is the best remedy for anxiety, because anxiety is a direct symptom of not being fully in the body. You can not feel anxious when you are grounded and present.

Barefoot and carefree

Have you ever wondered why barefoot people seem so happy and carefree? It’s because they are electrically grounded to the earth. Try meditating in the garden, walking barefoot on the grass, or running barefoot on the beach.

Visualisation and meditation

Visualisations are especially helpful if you are stuck inside, regardless of what floor you are on. Visualisations can be used as part of a meditation or individually when you don’t have time to meditate. I recommend that you aim for meditation when you are a beginner, because the more honed your meditation skills become, the easier it will be for you to use visualisations on their own. There are various visualisations you can apply. Do what feels natural to you.

Here are some examples:

Imagine roots growing from your base chakra deep into the earth, anchoring you firmly.

Imagine a ship’s anchor from your base chakra shooting down into the Earth’s core and anchoring you firmly.

Imagine you are wearing some concrete boots.

If you find it difficult to visualise, try a guided meditation. Use the video I created below, or find one on your favourite meditation app.

Use Art as a Focus

This will aid you in visualisation. I have a few channeled artworks for sale, which can help you with this. the links below will take you to the listing on my etsy shop.

The Sound of Music

Sound with base and rhythm can have a very grounding effect, but anything that helps you connect with your heartbeat will be effective. Drumming and chanting is probably the most well known, and can be especially helpful during visualisation and meditation. Genres other than “meditation music” can also be useful, and can be more suited to a setting or situation where meditation or other methods are inappropriate.

Colours and Crystals

The colours connected with the base chakra are red and black, and when we wear the colours of the base chakra, it helps us to connect to that grounding energy of Earth. Wearing brown and other earthy colours is also effective.

Similarly, wearing certain crystals will also help, and most crystals with grounding energy are black, red or an earthy colour. Some examples are jet, onyx and black obsidian. Remember to clear and charge your crystals! Read more about clearing in my next blog post.

Ground when Sleeping

There is a lot of evidence that physically being connected to the Earth while you are asleep improves sleep, and heals your body the most effectively. If you love being outside and the weather is nice, you can spend a night under the stars.

Watch the documentary “The Earthing Movie“, featuring techniques by Clint Ober. It containst more techniques involving physical grounding, as well as the health benefits thereof.

You Are What You Eat

Limit your sugar and caffeine intake, especially when you want to do grounding exercises, as you will find it much easier to ground without these.

Eat root vegetables and other whole plant based food that has grown in the ground, because these are full of Mother Earth’s energy. Therefore, when you eat these foods you are filling yourself with this energy.

Similarly, when you eat animal products you take on the energy of the animals. The majority of livestock have suffered greatly during their lives, and you take that on when you eat animal products. When you eat of their flesh, you take on the fear, anxiety and panick of the traumatic experiences these animals had when they died.  I fully understand that not everyone can or wants to be vegan or even vegetarian, but at least know where your food comes from.

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